August 23, 2012

Olympic Gold II: Nike Follow Up

At the corner of 34th Street & 7th Avenue.

Just yesterday I noticed this billboard in Manhattan around Penn Station. What a brilliant follow up to their already brilliant commercial. They took the best scene of the commercial, blew it up on a 50 ft high poster, and put it in one of the busiest street corners of Manhattan. Another: +5

Olympic Gold for Nike: Find your greatness

The Olympics are over, and even though Nike wasn't one of the exclusive sponsors, they truly scored themselves a gold medal with their campaign. Remember: Anyone who doesn't fork over top dollar to the IOC, is not allowed to make any references to the '2012 Olympics' whatsoever. No mention in the copy. No showing the Olympic rings. Nothing. Nada. Niente.

So what did Nike do? They set it up with a series of 'London' signs that brilliantly gets Nike a free ride on top of all of what the Olympics are all about. I honestly don't remember anything Adidas - the official sponsor - did during the Olympics. Hence, Gold medal for Nike. And Wieden + Kennedy for making it such a wonderful commercial.

My favorite scene: The last scene, when the little boy runs his hand through his hair, and then... jumps! (0:55).


Message: +1, no explanation necessary
Creative: +1, brilliant execution
Context: +1, can it get better than this?
Impact: +1, I'm pretty sure this was a home run
Intangibles: +1, because of its absolutely brilliant strategy


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